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Told You Its Love

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I told you whats up

I told you Its love 🧡

I told you whats up

I'm ridin with you
your ridin with me
I'm ridin for you
your ridin for me too
yea don't it feel good

I ain't tryin to Judge no body
so dont be coming at me
like you know somebody
straight throat chop
no I don't know Karate
but the moves that I choose
yeah it proves I'm Honest
try take my vibe away
over my dead body
I be rockin the joint
tell your manager to call me 🤙
or hit me on the I 👁 G (@prospectsouth)
it aint to hard find me
rollin with my dime piece
my people behind me
I told you Its love
yeah I told you whats up
I don't hold you to a standard
I hold you above
like Simba the cub
for the world to see
just gleaming
a beautiful star 🌟 you see
and really just being you
is all you got to be
so when they talk bad about you
Its something down deep
they been holding on the inside
for way too long
hopefully they'll let it go by the end of this song

I ain't trying to Judge nobody
so don't be coming round me
like you know somebody
Really you ain't tryin to know somebody
all that trash talk
it don't impress nobody
and I ain't trying to Judge nobody
yo yall can come around
we can start this party
all we really trying to do is be somebody
lets all come together
like we need somebody

you want to tell what I'm doing
tell em this shit
I've been dropping hits
makin tracks go big
population everybody
on top of this
shits poppin off like Im cocking it
cocka doodle mother fucker I'm top of it
yo did you see that rooster 🐓
on the top fence
I bring it to you nice and early
thats confidence
big fish on and its on
like money 💰 and presidents
sorry that my morals take presadence
not sorry
only feeling that I'm really feeling
is excellence
I know you hear it cause its evident
any words that ain't love
thats irrelevant
I got a big ol' heart ❤
like a elephant 🐘
the good lifes all I'm really trying to live
so if you got a problem with that
I say goodbye
this who I been being my whole life